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EVAMUN (blog) wants you!

How could an Art Workshop also become a place for web debates on artistic ceramics? It’s up to us to find a common answer … was born as a reference website for ceramic art collections by ceramist Eva Munarin, yet it is also intended as a source of reflection and debate in the field of ceramic accessories, especially her blog

The Blog was born out of the individual artistic expression of Eva Munarin, including her reflections and creative proposals. Nevertheless, she would really like it to become a choral voice, or at least a diversified articulation of the voices of other artists, critics, gallery managers, designers, exhibitors, ceramics fanatics and enthusiasts in general, who need or want to express their own point of view on this fascinating, ever-evolving world.

  • This is therefore an explicit invitation to cooperate with the EVAMUN blog, encouraging our readers to submit a variety of texts, reflections, proposals and announcements on the world of ceramic art. Any proposal consisting of:
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • At least 560 characters
  • Picture (photo) sized at least 400px (width or height) with implicit free redistribution license granted to will be taken into extremely serious account for a prompt release.

Looking forward to your contributions!

Yours passionately

Eva Munarin