Eva Munarin’s works convey pictures that are capable of depicting inner stories about feelings, existential conditions and emotions.

The “Monologues” containers have different shapes and sizes, with irregular outlines and sharp contrasts. The raw grey of the exterior, paired with the glossy glazes that colour the interior, call to mind more than just a comfortable container. As the author herself says, they also enshrine a possible interpretation of the complex conceptual dimension of femininity. A welcoming mother-woman and a sensual and creative woman merging into a contemporary woman who questions the institution of male dominance by means of freedom and creativity, for which very reason she is eventually persecuted by the male culture itself, which tears her apart as if wounded to death, punished for this constant vital search of hers.

Bowls, vases, and sculptures seem to express those wounds with gashes and holes that alter the shape of the female container, breaking harmony in unexpected ways, carving cuts that remain open, as if bleeding. Overall, these cuts seemingly convey the idea of a wounded femininity that constantly asks to be repaired.
However, the repairing process will be up to the woman herself, with no external aid other than her own evolution. Just like in the “Lightness” sculptures, in which the earthly, burdensome feeling imposed by her need for subjection, search for security and belonging, evolves towards an ethereal dimension of personal freedom, reaching up to the sky and exploring unspoiled nature.
At that point, the trees, like anchors to the ground, will be watched from above, as if from a different existential perspective.

Luciano Di Gregorio, Psychologist

Arte contemporanea ceramica


"Monologues" are nothing but simple ceramic bowls, vessels and containers; their concave interior, often shining with bright glazes, contrasts with the mat, rough, materialistic convex shape of the outside. The outlines are sinuous, and both their archaic shape and their content resemble a metaphor of the vital force itself. A primordial water and food container evolves into a welcoming content, ready to develop vital energies, gashing an opening onto the female mystery, the unbridled sexuality and creativity of women.
The influences present in these works are of different nature: ancestral, material and evocative, with a particular focus on Eva Ensler's play: "The Vagina Monologues". Indeed, the stories told by the vagina can cast an extraordinary light on the condition of woman and contemporary femininity.

Arte contemporanea ceramica


"Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficial; but gliding on things from above, not having weights on your heart." (I. Calvino).

All of the "Lightness" sculptures speak for themselves, they point out a path to rediscover femininity, stubbornly seeking lightness and joy by challenging heavy, gross clay; they fight against the force that keeps us tied to the ground, driven by the yearning of bringing it to heaven, towards a dimension where matter encounters spirituality and divinity.

Arte contemporanea ceramica


Decorative panels and paintings made with fragments of majolica covered with shimmering glaze, brilliant bright colours, opaque natural pigment powders and metallic oxides: earth, water and heat do the rest ...here they sprout and grow, plain and simple: "just" trees.

"Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars ... and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful ... the trees are happy without any reason" Osho

arte contemporanea ceramica

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