Ceramica biscotto


That’s right! We do call it “biscuit”. In fact, it comes out warm from the oven, and even the golden colour reminds of a crunchy homemade cookie…

The picture shows you a freshly baked biscuit from the GUSCI collection.

Perhaps it all deserves a brief explanation though: in fact, I make all my vases following the noble and ancient pottery technique called MAJOLICA (“ceramics” is sometimes an excessively generic term). Here I tell you about the long journey of each creation of mine, along the path of artistic majolica.

Everything starts with the choice of a good raw material. In my case, I make exclusive use of red Tuscan clay. Then the fine experience and mastery of man takes over, moulding and turning every single piece at the potter’s wheel… one by one, manually.
Later on, after several detailed interventions and strictly manual finishing touches to make the shape perfect, our creation is patiently left to dry for a few days, after which it will have become hard yet extremely fragile.
Then, the heat eventually comes into play. The cooking phase relies on a special pottery oven set at the temperature of 1000°C. As soon as temperature drops and ceramic cools down, we are finally ready to open the oven and here it comes our cooked vase, the “Biscuit”!